12-hour program (8AM-8PM) – 39,000 yen

Including lunch, dinner, public transportation, cultural
and home-visit experience and lecture

Why do people travel in the world? It may be because they want to socialize with local people, just as Facebook has become an essential tool in the world today. In this program, tourists will have a chance to encounter local people to share their live-in lessons with our amazing guides. Travelers can incorporate what they will have experienced in this program into their daily life after getting back home.

Zenergy Food Lesson

The core activity of this program is to learn our eating habits, which contribute to the amazing average life expectancy of the Japanese. The historical background of our daily food is a combination of seasonal Zen vegetarian cuisine and seafood derived from local geographical locations. Our Zenergy Food lesson starts at such a local food market. It’s a true life experience.

This program will be accompanied by cultural experiences such as tea ceremony, origami or calligraphy, and home-visit experiences with quick learning of Japanese language, seasonal event, and more.

You will never know what will happen next!

6-hour program (10AM-4PM) – 28,000 yen

Half program of six hours is also available.
Often conducted by Ted Ueno, the founder of WaRaiDo Guide Networks

Payment by credit card is acceptable.