Private tour planning with Kyoto based quality guide

More than just traveling to Japan

Since we originally started as a guide agency, we all know every corner of Japan, and we have a strong connection in Kyoto with our company base in the central part of the city, just next to the Kyoto city hall. Backed by such expertise, our service has been enhanced to reach an ideal level of consultation. Each tour is customized by the guide in advance and conducted by the guides themselves, flexibly responding to the visitor’s needs as they develop.

Planning / Guide fee 2 hours 4 hours 6 hours 8 hours
Chartered guide fee 28,000 yen 36,000 yen 44,000 yen 52,000 yen
Chartered guide fee
+ customized itinerary
38,000 yen 46,000 yen 54,000 yen 62,000 yen

When only consulting or the booking without the use of our guide, ¥28,000 / day is required as a consultation fee.

  1. Admission fees for temples and shrines, or participation in events such as Zen meditation and the Geisha party, as well as transportation during the tour, such as for bus, taxi and trains, are not included and will require separate payment.
  2. Meals for customers: not included in the price. Actual cost will be asked separately. Meals for the guide: If the guide is requested to share the same meals with guests, the actual cost will be asked separately.
  3. Service area: Not only Kyoto, but also other parts of Japan are covered. When the same one guide accompanies across Japan, the cost of transportation for the guide will be asked separately. If the guide has to stay at hotels, the additional cost for stay is also required.

Payment by credit card is acceptable.